Thursday, October 21, 2010

Engine pics from the 1956 bug...

Last weekend I finally took the rags off the engine to have a look. I found the carb on the floor of the bug and the missing engine tin in the back seat, so this is looking very complete.

I sprayed the engine with some degreaser and let it set for a while. Upon my return, I wiped it down and sprayed more. Repeat a few more times and I started to get a relatively clean engine. I still have more to clean before I start thinking about what to do next (take it apart to rebuild? Move on to the transmission?).

Here are some pictures...

If I am reading these #s correctly, the engine is from 1958.

Glad I laid down some paper to catch the crap that dripped and fell off.


Ludwig's Drivers

What are the ultimate plans for this engine? And the car, for that matter?
Are you going to rebuild to stock, or perform some upgrades (1600cc dual-port, 12V wiring)?


Big Blue's Driver


I'll be honest, right now my plan is to get ready for this kid that's coming. After that, I'll figure out the bug. I'd love to restore it slowly back to its "able to attend Treffen" status, and do most of it myself, but we'll see about that. The next 4 months will decide a lot for us. Right now I will continue to clean and organize with the hopes of getting the transaxle back together and in. Then on to the brakes. Engine last.


Loving the updates for the new (or old new) car. Those engine pics are really good.

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