Thursday, October 14, 2010

Getting the 1956 VW bug home - Part Four: Clean Bug

Last Sunday - I woke up early and went out to take a few pictures with the nice camera. Here's what it looked like all cleaned up:

For some reason, there were many extra parts that kept showing up as I pulled this out. I'll go through the extra parts in another post, but I started an art project with the extra hub caps that came with the car. I actually got about 4 more that were either on the bug or inside...

EP doesn't think I should name the car. In case we decide to sell it with the kid coming. I think we should give it a name in the meantime. Any ideas? The Green Hornet? Jungle Jalopy?



Why would you sell the kid's car before the kid's even born?

I'm reluctant to name vehicles I've never met and the color's not quite right, but "Olive" seems appropriate in this case.



(Should've been, "Why would you think of selling....)



I like olive. Martini also sounds good as it sort of goes with olives.

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