Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update on getting the new 1956 bug home...

All - thanks for your advice on last week's post about getting the '56 bug home. Alas, Ludwig's Driver was correct, but we'll get to that...

Last Sunday, I packed up the modern car (a 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid), careful not to get the fancy interior dirty with axle grease and tire marks, and headed to Napa to prep the '56 bug for it's trip home.

Once there, I went through the stack of tires in the garage to pull of the VW tires. I actually found 7 (including the 2 on the car). There are 2 (on the right in the picture below) that I believe were original to the bug (green and white pattern on the wheels). However, the wheels that are on the car (and in the left side of this picture), have blue and white paint on them. I'm not certain yet which ones should be on the car (and, why I only have 2 of the green/white set).


My plan of putting the axle on wasn't as easy as I thought. With no pressure on the spring plate, the fork in the body where the transaxle mounts (errrr, I can't figure out the official name for that) lined up exactly in the way. It was easy to attach my make-shift axle by moving the axle up with the jack while lining up the bolts on the shock and the spring plate, but the axle boots themselves rested at quite an angle on the transaxle mounts.

At any rate, the spare from my '63 bug went on without too much of a problem. There's a little rub on the spring plate, but it'll be fine to get it on the trailer and get it home.

When I went to mount the spare from my bus on the other side, I ran into a little trouble. There was no way I could mount the tire as it rubbed against the spring plate too much (good call, Ludwig's Driver).

Before I left, I asked the lady if she, perhaps had the keys. After 30 years of sitting, a 80+ year-old lady was able to produce original VW keys (that fit into the ignition!) in about 2 minutes. Awesome!

On the way home, I dropped the wheels off at Wheel Works to have them price out 5 tires. Here are some pictures of the the Firestone Deluxe that was on there now.

On Monday, Wheel Works called and said it would be $800 for 4 "Firestone Deluxe" tires from Coker. It's way too early in the game to spend this on a car that I haven't even seen in daylight, so I paid them 35 bucks to dismount the tires and pull the valve stems on all four tires.

This weekend, I have rented a truck and trailer from Budget. I'll use Little Blue's wheels to get it on the trailer, home and off the trailer. I'll fight the tire battle another day. Right now I just need to get this beast home...


Ludwig's Drivers

It's called the frame horn.


Unknown has 155/80R15 for $320 a set *including* shipping.

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