Monday, April 14, 2008

The Stickers of Big Blue

We have added a few stickers to Big Blue, and he came with his own. Here they are...

Big Blue makes a political statement.

"Seguro Tegxxxx" - not sure what this is for...

The original candidate for peace, 40 years ago. Eugene McCarthy. We taped this on. It gets comments as much as the bus.

The "Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association". I think this is a reference to Monty's RC airplane adventures. I don't think he owned a plane. The color is coming off of this which is too bad, as it's a cool sticker.



Monty says: all the air race stuff is from the famous Reno Air Races, held each September. Fastest sport on earth, airplanes travelling 400+ MPH fifty feet off the ground. Not to mention a week long camping event with plenty of stories to tell!

The AOPA: I am a pilot, own a plane and I'm sorry to say, my passions drifted from Big Blu to my plane.

The weird sticker is for Mexican Auto Insurance

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