Friday, April 8, 2016

Bus City 2016 - the Eighth Annual VW Bus Gathering in the Redwoods, Guerneville, CA


Simply RSVP here so we have an idea on how many might show up and then show up! No worries!

For those of you who have been, you know why you come back.

Schoolhouse Canyon Campground
12600 River Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446

Campsite - first 2 people and 1 vehicle - $35/night
Extra people $5 per person/night
Extra vehicle $5/night
Dogs $5  - no Pit Bulls or aggressive dogs/night
RV or Trailer Up-charge $15/night
Late Checkout Fee $5 per person Day Use / Visitor Fee $5 per person or dog
Electricity $7/night
Seasoned Firewood Bundle $6
Hot Shower just 25¢ per min.
Forms of payment: Cash only
*All Prices Subject to County Occupancy Tax

We will be announcing the winner of the Schoolhouse Canyon Park / VW Camper Family "Adventurer Award". The award will be awarded to the bus that drives the most miles between Bus City 7 and Bus City 8. Buses must be present at the campout in 2016 (and had to be at 2015) to win!
Also Schoolhouse owns 30 acres across the street and a private beach just for the campground. It's just a five minute walk down the river trail. So bring your swim suits!
Schoolhouse Canyon Campground
12600 River Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446


Thursday, April 7, 2016

photos of another 1968 Roadrunner Conversion

Well, we'll end our forced hiatus with a post that is the basic reason why this blog still exists: documentation of history.

And this is a fascinating edition to the California Road Runner Camper history. We had these photos sent to us by "Mike" a few weeks back. I had never seen the Road Runner sticker on the side of the door before these photos (last photo).

For more California Road Runner Camper history, click here (we'll add these photos to that page as well).


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