Wednesday, December 5, 2007

California Road Runner History

Okay - so Big Blue is a California Road Runner Camper with a Riviera top added by ASI later. Here is some info about the California Road Runner Company, although there is not much to go on out there. Also, not sure why we didn't get a plate on the side of the bus like the both the bay window and the split window below seem to have...

Front side of the brochure that was in Big Blue - we seem to still have the entire package - even the awning outside!

The back of the brochure from California Road Runner Camper.

Another camper advertised as a California Road Runner Camper, notice the green name plate above the reflector by the passenger door.

Our interior is really different than this one.

Updated January 15th, 2008:
Martin sent the link to his California Road Runner pictures, so I thought that I'd post them here. His is exactly like Big Blue, except he has a back passenger side window and blue seats up front. Other than the condition (his is awesome), they are long lost brothers...

Check it out:

Updated 3-1-09 - some pics of a bus that may be a California Road Runner. The windows, the color of the table and the closeness to San Francisco lead me to believe it was a California Road Runner:



Wait. I thought we bought a VW! Now its a road runner? I want a refund. And what happened to it being a panel truck with a camper conversion?? Big Blu - ur killing us! Why so much mystery and confusion?

Big Blue's Driver

Wife! Leave the complaining to behind closed doors! It is a panel truck (bus) that California Road Runner Camper converted to a camper. They are the one's who put the "happy curtains" in.

Man, I'll explain more when I get home from work...


Very cool bus! I have a '68 RR camper that started life as a Neptune Blue panel . . . I have been looking for a picture of a RR canopy to copy so I can make new ones for my bus and I found that picture here on your blog - thanks! I am in Butte County, not too far from you, so I am sure our paths will cross sooner than later - travel safe - Greg


nice article - lots of history.
Just recently bought a fully intact '68 Neptune Blue RoadRunner from California and got it shipped to the UK. Only thing missing was the original awning so I was pleased when I found your site showing the original style. Going to attempt to get one made as original as possible so if you have any pics of yours it would help.
Many thanks

Big Blue's Driver

Martin - send some pictures! I'll post some info on the awning soon for both you and Greg.




Sorry Brett, for some reason I can't post any pictures - not much of a Techy so probs my fault ?!?!
Can e-mail if you let me know yours





try again............

Big Blue's Driver

Awesome. Thanks for the last picture of the name plate. Great to see it.

I have some time today, so I'll try to set up the awning and get the pictures up.



few more pictures as one of previouse didnt work ?!?!
Some of the interior as well which is in excelent condition considering its 40yrs old.


I'm not sure if any 1 still on this post but I just got a 68 with the roadrunner package for my son it has the tags on it but also a big sticker of the roadrunner on the door. Faded but still there.


Hi, yes still on here.Post a few photos of your new purchase :-) Always good to see another RoadRunner on the road


Sure il have it home in a week or two just waiting for my friend to clean it out. He lost interest and used it as a shed...


I got some pics for you of the 68 roadrunner.just don't know how to post from I phone any help would be great! Old age I guess!! Could maybe email to you and you could post if you want.

Big Blue

Email pics to and I'll post them!


Martin I sent the pics to blue but have not seen anything yet I put some on samba search 68 roadrunner

Big Blue

Hey- I got the photos you emailed. On vacation right now. Will post them to this page when I get home after Easter. Thanks! -Brett


Sounds good. I found a name on the curtains il email you a pic when I get a chance

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