Wednesday, December 12, 2007

More memories from Big Blue and Monty...

We are still going through Big Blue's insides cleaning and cleaning. We found a few interesting things from the previous owner in the last few weeks...

EP has a new coffee mug now! She found this in the fridge and fell in love with it...

Lots of memories from the Reno Air Races. More of this to come.

Perhaps someone who knows a little more about high class joints knows what these are. I hope it involved hamburgers being delivered by the The Point Hilton Staff...

These little planes decorate the awning that came with the bus. Memories of the air races? We are leaving them on as a nod to the bus's history...



Man, you're bring back memories! I know that coffee cup well.

The flags are from a resort and you put them on your table by the beach to get another cocktail.

You're right on the origin of the poptop being from up the bay, not Santa Cruz - too much time has passed.

Just moved into our new home - unpacking photos and memorabilia and will scan some cool stuff (like the travelogue from the 1991 eclipse trip to Cabo San Lucas).

bus is looking great. I'm so pleased you two are the owner and look forward to the dedication ceremony someday

Big Blue's Driver

Monty - I have been going through your notes - this must be the most documented bus in history! We'll certainly try to hook back up with you when we get Big Blue in your area - I need a photo of you with him!

I also need to hassle Jack for some stories...

Anyway - Thanks for all the info you are able to give us - I really appreciate it.

Blue goes up to Concord next week for another quote from a vw body shop up there. We'll get the nose fixed as soon as we can.



If the body shop you're taking Blue to up here Concord is also a VW restoration shop, you might want to shop around. They don't actually do the paint/body in house, but send it out to a local shop. You'll simply be paying them as a middle man. They do good restoration work, but have your wallet with you! IT'S NOT CHEAP THERE!

Feel free to email me if you need more info.


If you are lounging poolside, and you raise the white flag, a cabana boy will come running and bring you pretty much anything you want...cocktails, fresh towels, etc. However, I am not sure you will get a response if Big Blue is in the parking lot and you raise the flag from there. You should try it. I think they love hippies at the Point Hilton.

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