Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Blue's Drivers

Ah, the old “About Us” conundrum. To do or not to do?

I could tell you that EP is the girl, Brett (AKA Big Blue’s Driver AKA me) is the boy and Big Blue is the bus that is the reason for this site. I could tell you that EP loves wine and wine country (and writes about it here), and I follow the path of music (old vinyl) and books where it leads me. I could tell you that between the tent and the bus we spend at least 35 nights a year in campsites. Sometimes fighting raccoons, sometimes not. I could tell you all that but it’s pretty boring and maybe self-serving.

I originally started this site to:

1. Note Big Blue’s history in a spot that would be easy and fun to access.
2. Document our adventures in camping and VW repair

In doing so, the site has managed to take over my life somewhat. I now try to photograph every VW I see (which is a TON in California). I have considered vacations to certain places based on the amount of VWs I think I may see (Texas? Precious little VW-ness). My closet has been taken over by VW t-shirts, my garage with VW-related junk and most of my email correspondence is in some way vw-camping-related.

Now, there is a new element to this site - the VW camping community. From Big Blue's annual Bus City campout, to various weekend shows, the Northern California VW community is growing, and we are staying in touch. A giant team!

Before moving Big Blue from the storage spot after we bought him, I had read John Muir’s, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive. I thought, "crap, this should be easy." For a back-to-nature-self-reliant-grow-it-yourself-type like I consider myself to be, it seemed the perfect car. I could work on it in my spare time! It will be fun!

So 1 VW became 2.

But we entered the world through the camping door. And, while we wouldn't consider any other way of camping than Big Blue, we are by no means VW experts. Sometimes I sit there and scratch my head at the bus and think, "Man, I just want to be camping". I look forward to having a good 15 years experience in Big Blue, then, perhaps I'll know some tricks.

So we camp, learn, camp, sleep and camp some more. And have fun all along the journey. As my friend Crazy Al used to say, "it's all part of the expedition".



You two look fabulous surrounded by the regala of Big Blue. The tent makes the camping that much more personal and intimate - to think that I didn't even open the tent for the first five years I owned the bus embarrasses me. Keep up the camping!!


i just discovered your site and i have been randomly looking through it for the last couple of days. I must say i am digging the obsession...I myself have been an obsessed bus driver for the last 2 years. I bought a 72 tin top camper and it has changed our life (i never thought that welding can be this much fun). last oktober, after a wet and muddy bus jamboree i started tearing everything out and started hunting down all those leaks and tumors, learning as i go... i allot of your postings remind me of my wife and i, and they gives me the chuckles...

if you want to catch some bus shows in texas, be sure to come out to "Transporters at the point" this october...(info on the samba) its 100 busses and bus drivers and dogs and beer, and wine, and BBQ, and lake, and fire, and $20 for 3 nights...and the TX classic is in april...tx wine country is also worth checking out...

happy trails,

Big Blue's Driver

Christian - Thanks for all the tips! I'd love to come to Texas for a show someday.

Glad you found us here. We have had quite a good time in Big Blue - I'm sure you know the feeling!

You should consider looking at and see if there are some bus folks in your area.

Stay in touch.


Laura Nelson

i love your blog! my dream is to someday own our own VW camper & travel! You two are so cute in front of your bus, love the pic :)

Big Blue's Driver

Laura - glad you dig the blog. Hope to see you out on the road sometime!

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