Friday, September 11, 2009

Big Blue's Labor Day weekend in NorCal Adventure - Day 3

I'll spare you a long post for Day 3. The first 2 posts about this trip were long enough.

And that's kinda easy to do, because we spent Sunday doing a whole lot of nothing. With the exception of a run into town for ice, beer and water, we didn't venture far from Big Blue and the beach.

If you look closely at a picture below, you can get a hint as to where campground X is...

Checking each other out.

At some point during the day, we turned around to see a hang glider coming down toward us on the beach. He came closer, and closer, and closer and finally landed right behind our campsite. It was like a scene out of Jesus' Son.

Later, on the advice of our camping cookbook from the 70s, we attempted to "bake" an egg on the fire. The directions said, put the egg "near" the fire. "Near" seems relative and I'm wondering how that slipped by the editors. We put it about 4 inches away from some coals and let it cook for a good 15 minutes, rotating it with a spoon. We even did the ol' spin trick to see if it was done. Apparently, we didn't cook it long enough. It wasn't even soft boiled. EP says she is going to amend the recipe to "bake" the egg in "water" above the fire.

Our attempt to "bake" an egg.

We did cook up a feast later, which included ribs. We have decided that we always start dinner too late while camping. It is much easier to cook in daylight...

The corn came out perfectly.

But other than that, it was hanging out at the beach, napping, reading (me: Eldridge Cleaver's Soul on Ice; for EP: Hemingway's A Moveable Feast) and napping some more. We did meet and hang out with our neighbors a little.

Guy (pictured below) was a avid birder. Birders always scare me a little, but Guy was pretty cool (his thick, French accent made him seem rather professor-like). He is currently on a mission to visit every county in California, and is actually almost done. He also has a philosophy that he should see something new every day. He was very excited when he found a toad in our campsite and kept checking on it and taking pictures. I failed to take a single one of the toad, though I wish I had one now to share...


So Sunday was exactly what it was meant to be. Nothing at all...


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