Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bodes Well - A new VW family adventure...

For those of you who caught Ludwig's Driver's post, you may be familiar with Bodes Well - a family headed out into the great wide open in a VW bus. They are, you see, taking off on an bus adventure until they run out of money. Going across country checking out the lay of the land.
You can read an article in the Alameda (where they started from) paper here.

It occurred to me that they could probably use some help, so emails were sent, negotiations were made, and for some cold, hard cash (actually, 1 swift paypal movement) I bought some space for a couple of "Big Blue is a Friend of Mine" bumper stickers on his bumpers. I'll send some pictures when they get them and put them on.

Recently, they have hit a bit of a snag outside Portland. Seems they are down for a while waiting for a new engine. Know someone who can help them? Or, just want to follow their adventure? Check them out here:


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