Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New curtains!

We have been meaning to change the curtains on Big Blue for a while. EP has been scouring the fabric stores without luck until this Sunday. At Bed, Bath and Beyond, we happened across a duvet cover by Roxy that we liked. Turned out there is enough material in a duvet cover to make all the curtains we need for Big Blue, so we spent Sunday night cutting. Here is the curtain history:

Pattern put in by California Road Runner Campers shortly after the bus was new.

Pattern as it is now. It was replaced at some point during Monty's ownership. We are thinking it must have been in the 80s.

EP working on the new curtains last Sunday. We should have enough material left over to do matching pillows for the bench seat.



Is it weird that I follow your blogs like as if they were my favorite TV show?

I love it...keep 'em coming!


Big Blue's Driver

Mike - just wait until the limited edition DVD box set comes out and you get to see all the stuff we cut!


I really love this show too! But the outtakes are the best!

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