Thursday, December 6, 2007

Reflectors: Need your opinion....

While Big Blue was just a wee blue panel truck on the assembly line in Germany, they drilled 4 holes into his sides, one behind each front door on both sides, and one behind each back wheel. The back reflectors were red, the front orange.

40 years later, 3 remained. The fourth, the rear passenger one, had rusted through so badly, that it had fallen out (see picture). Only 1 of the 3 remaining was relatively rust free as the seals collect and keep water against the paint. Now the reflectors are off, sitting in a zip lock baggie, cleaned and the old seals have been thrown away.

So here is where I need your opinion; Should I put them back on after we paint Blue?

Consider this: some states require reflectors on the side to pass an inspection by the DMV. Some don't care. They were placed there as safety devices, but are they really still needed with today's headlight technology? And, aren't they just going to rust again?

A parent's opinion counts as half as we know you lean toward safety over looks anyway....



They shouldn't rust again (well, eventually I guess, but y'all probably won't be around) as long as the body is prepped properly before getting painted. And they can't hurt, safety-wise. Put 'em on, I say!

Big Blue's Driver

Ludwig's drivers - I believe you are going to be a parent soon, so your vote counts as 3/4...


Reflectors are for little kids who ride their bikes at night, but still have to wear their helmets during the day! I say no go on the reflectors.

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