Thursday, December 20, 2007

The elusive "Bus Bus"...

Most VW nuts have seen pictures of the elusive "Bus Bus", but to see one in person is a rare occasion which inspires a respect for the "Bus Bus" creator. This is a story I eluded to a few weeks ago as it happened on Big Blue's Coastal Trip.

We were playing Frisbee Golf at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville when I saw it. Way in the back by the 5th hole, through the trees, was an elusive "Bus Bus". Shocked by its appearance, I handed the backpack to EP, pulled out my camera, and started toward the beast.

There was a barbed wire fence in the way, but I couldn't let that stop me from the chance to see the "Bus Bus" up close. I duck-waddled under it Rambo-style. While doing so I became caught! Struggling to get to the other side without detection, I gave it one last push and something let go and I was through!

On the other side now, I started toward the "Bus Bus" and, without warning, noises at the farmhouse which guarded the beast! Not much time. I snapped a quick picture, stopped and admired the work, and hustled back under the fence...

EP was waiting on the other side. She pointed out damage to my sweater. Damn, my favorite fall-weather sweater...

But here is the picture of the "Bus Bus".


Ludwig's Drivers

I don't know it the weird buzzing feeling I get in my head when I see the BusBus (and mutants like it) is amazement or revulsion.

I think it might be revulsion.


Big Blue's Driver

Really? As someone who has tried to make pretty finishing welds, I am impressed with the pure ability to cut a car in half, cut a hole in the roof of a school bus, fit them together, weld it and make it look seemless.

And when does someone find the time? It takes me an entire day to grind out and replace the stainless sheet metal screws in my window...


Oh, don't get me wrong. The worksmanship that can go into these things is to be admired.
It's the objects toward which these talents are applied that leave me a little queasy.

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