Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Boonville Beer Fest - VW Bus as crash pad

This past weekend, EP, Big Blue and some friends all headed about 2 hours north of the city to Anderson Valley's Boonville Beer Fest. We went to this event last year, and it ranked in our top 5 California moments. This year was no exception. Great weather (hot with a good breeze), good beer (again, with the 21st Amendment Watermelon Wheat) and good friends. Big Blue got quite a lot of attention in the campground there, and, even though we aren't allowed to have campfires, even the camping was pretty fun.

Todd at a break in Cloverdale.

Todd and Adam. This was the first time Big Blue had travel guests for a longer trip than the beach run.

The road to beer-ville.

Big Blue takes a spot...

... right next to this guy.

Another VW. This type of event is made for the VW bus.

The line to get in was long but went fast. This is the line behind us and we were a good 1/4 mile from the entry at this point.

The beer is flowing.

Adam and Todd enjoying the beer.

If you break your glass, the crowd cheers, then you have to go buy another.

I'm in line for beer. The lines are never that long even though it seems like it would be. There is always beer to be had.

The area band always plays for festival goers.

Not much changes from year to year here. The left pic is EP from last year's fest, the right pic is from this year.

The more north you go in California, the more hippy the beer gets.

EP and I and the Boonville Bear.

Our friend Noah with an extra glass just in case...

Back to camp, Big Blue is waiting.

These are the moments that we live for when camping.


Sunday morning coming down.

We have hit this place a few times while in Boonville. Good food and good people.

On the road home.

Our route.


FP Brewer

Looks like a great time. I've been to several "fests", and they're always fun. Your story makes me wish I had a fresh Booneville Amber to fill the glass with the same name you gave me last July, which proudly sits on the shelf above my kegerator...waiting...

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