Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Year's eve oil change...

These pictures are from New Year's Eve when I did an oil change/valve adjustment on Little Blue. The reason I wanted to post them here is that I am getting some sort of liquid on top of my fuel pump. And I still have whipped cream in my oil. I'm not sure what the liquid on the fuel pump is (not straight gas, not oil), so if anyone has ideas, feel free to share.

I thought it might be gas leaking from the carb, but everything seems tight there (although I plan to take it back off and go over it to check for leaks.

Little Blue's new spot.

Still crap in my oil.

Odd liquid on top of my fuel pump. It's thick like cooking oil.

The carb doesn't seem to be leaking anything.

A cleaned valve cover vs. one just removed.

This is #3 and #4 exhaust and intake valves. #3 is left, #4 is right (back of car).
Seems a bit burned in there but the valves were almost all dead on.



Is that stuff on top of the fuel pump kind of sticky, like a resin? I've seen that too, and something made me think that it's some sort of cheapo sealant seeping out from in between parts of the fuel pump. That fuel pump looks aftermarket to me (though LB is a bit older than what I'm used to, Beetle-wise), and it wouldn't be surprising were it assembled with less-than-appropriate care.

Fuel filter still inside the engine compartment!? Tsk tsk tsk....


Big Blue's Driver

whc03grady - the stuff isn't sticky at all. It looks like it would be, but really is like cooking oil when you touch it. It doesn't smell like oil or gas (the latter, I'm assuming would evaporate before collecting like that). I'm going to see if it keeps doing it and if so, post a pic to the samba for some feedback.

Good question about the fuel pump. I'll look into that as well...

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