Wednesday, March 25, 2009

VWs of... Sausalito (part 2)

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Ludwig's Drivers

That Oval is gorgeous. I love the fender skirts, and of course white is the best color for any car.

Big Blue's Driver

Yeah, word has it, if my source is to be trusted, that oval sat in someone's garage in Mill Valley (a town just minutes north of Sausalito) since it was new. Apparently, again, according to the source, the current owner was driving by one day and the garage door was open so he stopped to talk the the owner. The owner sold it, but had been starting it off and on for years so nothing would seize up. Just some brake work and it was back on the road.

Now, my source is the ex-mayor of Sausalito, a pretty good friend, but also a pretty good storyteller....

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