Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy 42nd Birthday, Big Blue

A special post for a special day. Last year, I asked Monty - Big Blue's driver for 37 out of his 42 years, to send some old pictures (Here are some from last year). He was happy to. So here are a few of Monty's memories....

The bus (Pre BigBlu3 plates) stuck on the Eel river near Eureka. I used to
live in Arcata with the bus. We got towed out. - Monty

I got the next pictures from my first wife. Pat and I camped a ton in the
bus. - Monty

My haircut is schitso since in the "trimmed" pictures I was in the Air Force Reserves (circa 1970) and had to keep it trimmed. Anyway, these are the first known pictures of big blue and his happy owner. I don't have pictures of Pat and myself getting busted by Stanford University police for fornicating in the bus! My advise: keep the curtains drawn! - Monty



Great pix! Even greater that the privious only shared them with you. Hoping to get a ton of pix and trip info from my Aunt about my bus (my uncle passed a couple years ago, they're the original owners).


happy birthday big blue! glad we haven't gotten you busted by the police or stuck anytime recently. but then again...maybe i'm not. you've been a little neglected lately, but not to worry. summer is here and we have many fun things planned. and i love your baby pictures. you were such a cutie. still are. xx - ep

Ludwig's Drivers

Big Blue=42=The Meaning of Life. Happy Birthday!
Ludwig's Drivers.


Great bit of historical fun. Thanks for sharing! Now I need to search up Valentina's past!

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