Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Blue as a working car!

Little Blue is still going strong. I don't talk about her here often because she is trouble free and just keeps going.

I've traveled some along the coast for work over the last 6 months and always end up taking Little Blue. My clients are impressed more that I made it but they also have grown to like Little Blue. Most, like all others I run into, seem to have VW stories.

Here are some pictures that have made their way into archived client files at work. They were pictures tucked in between shots of client's vineyards and tasting rooms and photo shoots with winemakers. It's a rough life some days. On these days, it's not....


Ludwig's Drivers

No doubt about it, Little Blue is a fine looking gal, but what's with the single headlight eyelid?


Big Blue's Driver

That's not a gang sign. One fell off one day. It happened to fall off while I was pumping gas. It was odd. Anyway, I put it in the backseat and have yet to put it back on. Not sure if I want to put it back on or take the other off...

Robert Plumer

Great photo's! Glad to meet Little Blue. Inspires me to continue work on our '71 Super Beetle. Thanks for sharing.

Big Blue's Driver

rjplummer - glad to share and glad you like the pics. Little Blue never gets the attention it should on the blog. Always keeps going. Always there for me.

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