Friday, January 27, 2012

VW Camper Family Circa 1975 - The great barn-raising of the summer of '75

In July of '75, the original members of the VW Camper Family gathered in an remote location in Northern California to hang out and have some fun. I was a little high at the time, so I don't remember much, but this is the story my camera tells:

The group gathers around Peter's VW

The group gets a "hobo stew" going on the fire...

Static and Big Blue's Driver try to make the stew as, um, special as possible...

There are songs...

John keeps tasting the stew before it is done...

EP and Oak find a quiet spot to hang out.

Westywoman (above) takes a break by the creek.

Romy contemplates the Tri-Tip.

PJAlau (above) gets drunk while considering ways to stick it to the man...

Later, PJAlau remembers he is allergic to beer...

Blake H sets up his drum set, upset there isn't any other instruments around except that stupid guy with the fiddle...

PJAlau, Big Blue's Driver and Static taste the stew... Wondering how much to spice it up.

Static is quoted as saying, "There is never enough spice."

One of the Wild Women of Wongo stokes the fire.

And the whole crew has a fantastic time and enjoys the Hobo Stew.


PJ Alau

What is with my hair? Did I forget a comb on that campout? By the way, I thought everyone should know that I got rid of that leather jacket. After Big Blue and Static filled it with their "special spice" it just never smelled the same.


Your hair?! That was rocking. Did you see my blonde tresses?? Those were the days.


LOVE the photos! Did the barn ever get put up, or did you just eat? Is that awesome cooking pot still around?

Big Blue's Driver

Anonymous - Uh, mmmm. I don't.... I can't remember. Barn? Mmmmm.

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