Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Big Blue! - More vintage Big Blue memories

A big blue memory as today marks 44 years since Blue rolled off the production line.

This photo came from Monty - Big Blue's driver for most of Big Blue's life. The story here is that Big Blue, Monty, and an assorted cast of friends headed to the Reno Air Show every year. Big Blue would make the long, slow trip from San Francisco to Reno. One year, they decided to bring sod as the parking lot, as you can see, is dirt.

I'm not certain that the sod rode up from San Fran in the bus, but I do know that Big Blue is a sharp looking home away from home with a front yard!

Happy birthday, Big Blue. 44 years strong.



HA HA! What a cool idea. Great picture. I think I need to try and at least write a letter to the Pig's original owner. I'd love to find out more about my bus.

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