Thursday, October 18, 2012

Little Blue is back in my world - if only for a moment

You can imagine my surprise the other night while looking on Craigslist for VWs when I came across Little Blue - my '63 bug that I sold earlier this year! It looks like they put in new carpet, new door panels, a new engine and some new window seals. Wow. What a crazy thing. I miss this car. EP's first response was, "Don't even think about buying it back"... here's the listing:

At least they kept the name! Looks like Little Blue is still parked outside. Hopefully someone buy LB before the rains come. Who's it going to be?

Here are some photos: 



Man, that's gotta tug at your heart strings. No?

team met

Have you emailed yet to tell them how they have made / ruined your day?

Big Blue's Driver

@busman - yeah, it's tough. it would be less tough if I didn't enjoy that car so much or was still driving a bug everyday. But to see it again made me miss it - that car was an extension of my ass for 4 years and 45,000 miles.

Team Met - I think you got to ride in that car. I didn't email them. And I think you are right - it's a combo of both making and ruining my day.

Ludwig's Drivers

Buy it back on the q.t. and give it to EP as a Christmas present. She'll come around.


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