Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bus City 2013 - price update

My lack of posting doesn't mean Bus City 2013 - the 5th anniversary campout is in jeopardy of being cancelled. Quite the opposite - I can't wait!

I did confirm the pricing last week. So here it is:

Rates per night are as follows:
Campsite - first 2 people and 1 vehicle - $30
Extra people (per person) $5
Extra vehicle $5
Dogs $5 (no Pit Bulls or aggressive dogs)
Day Use Fee $4
Electricity $7
Seasoned Firewood Bundle $6
Hot Shower just 25¢ per min.

For those of you that are planning on coming, get your tacky lawn ornaments out of winter storage and get them ready!



That sounds like a lot of fun. A bunch of VW Bus's getting together for a big camp. Someday if I get to a Bus I'll be there.

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