Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random VW sighting in Yucca Valley, CA, by Big Blue's PO

Monty, Big Blue's original owner, still stays in touch via email from time to time. Especially when he sees an old bug or bus going down the road. 

Here's one he sent me last week along with his description:

1962 Beetle
Totally cherry
$7000 (coca cola cooler included!)

I love the wolfburg emplem on the trunk

- Monty



Thanks for posting, Brett. I remain interested in VW's and am currently looking for a sedan or Thing suitable for off-roading in Baja. Cosmetics not an issue (it will get plenty of "pinstripping" when driven through narrow roads). As stock as possible for ease of maintenance if anyone knows of anything (I'm on Samba & craigslist). happy vw'ing!!

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