Friday, March 21, 2008

Big Blue meet Big Sur

I'm pretty confident that this was not Big Blue's first trip to Big Sur. I'm betting Monty, the previous owner, took him down there before given the proximity and, well, it's a VW bus after all, and Big Sur was made for such a vehicle. Below are some pics from our recent trip down there. We used our polaroid in honor of the end of polaroid film.

Our stop at the Henry Miller Library.

I know I look drunk in this, but this was an hour into the trip. Stone sober, just happy.

EP brushing her teeth in the "bathroom".

The hazards of polaroid. A blurred campground.

EP looking quite tough.

Another trick of polaroid - there was full sunlight out in this picture, but we were below trees.

EP and I hiding from the rain with booze.

One more polaroid issue - that's my head that it cut off. This is inside Big Blue.



Dudes. I was eating a pickle, not brushing my teeth! And boy was that cosmic cuke mmm mmm good!

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