Friday, November 7, 2008

VWs of... Santa Cruz

We went down to the Santa Cruz area a few weeks ago and saw a ton of VWs. Here are the pics...



good spottings! we usually shoot a bunch of Bus pictures too ... some of which wind up in our blog photo galleries! cheers from LA guys!

FYI Brett -- I cleaned up our distributor again 8 days ago (for the 3rd and hopefully final time?) ... and so far no recurrence of problems! Had to suck it up and buy my own timing light (same one you bought). Just in case of repeat problems, I ordered a rebuilt dizzy from BusBoys that should hopefully arrive soon.

Ludwig's Drivers

You kind of wanted to buy that white '74 (?) that was for sale, didn't you?

Big Blue's Driver

It was $5000. And for some reason the pull to purchase wasn't there. Had it been falling apart in the weeds on the side of the road, sadly, that would have gotten me interested.

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