Thursday, April 2, 2009

Russian River Saturday adventure

We decided to take Little Blue out for a run last Saturday to enjoy the extremely nice weather we are having. It seems pretty rare to use the bug on the weekend, and it was nice to have EP along as a passenger as most of the time spent in Little Blue is commuting to work (alone).

We headed north to Russian River to join some friends at the Stumptown Brewery near Guerneville. This is very close to where Bus City 2009 will be taking place May 15th (shameless plug). Stumptown is a little dive of a brewery that's right on the Russian River and it has a great back deck to sit, drink some high-octane beer and soak up some California sun. We did all three.

Under way.

We've done some VW exploring in the area before (click here for that post). But we still ran into some new VW-like creatures on the road...

And we have posted pics of this splitty before (it's here every time we drive through)...

We got behind this VW-based buggy just before making it to the brewery. I guess the back deck was calling him as well because he pulled in and I had a chance to take some pictures...

And, with friends there, EP and I were able to get the rare "picture of us both".

After the brewery, we tried to make it to the coast in time for some raw oysters, but the oyster place we like in Marshall had closed for the day. So we hung out and watched the sun head down. The wind picked up and the water was the choppiest I've ever seen inside Tomalas Bay.

EP enjoying the sun.


A true California vision (though, if the sun were different, it looks like it could be on the east coast.


Ludwig's Drivers

Da-yum, nice beard. I wish my sideburns grew in that well.

Big Blue's Driver

Yeah - it's getting rather out of control. It's coming off next week as we head to sunnier parts of California for a much needed vacation (sans Big Blue).

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