Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bus City 2009 is May 15th through the 17th in Sonoma County, California!

Well, Bus City 2009 is just around the corner and we have the group pretty much set. 18 buses confirmed - a few more in the wings, figuring things out (getting engines put back in). I sent out emails to VW parts suppliers to see if they wanted to donate goods to the Bus City Citizens and some were very happy to help, so I need to thank them here:

Love My Bus (home of the really cool LMB stickers!)
The Rust Box
Mid American Motorworks
Wolfsburg West
And of course, it was Paul of Valley Wagonworks in San Rafael who came up with the camping spot (for an example of how great a guy Paul is, click here)

If you get some time, check out some of the above companies - very cool of them to help.

Many of the good people on the VW Camper Yahoo Group are coming, as are a few new faces.

For a bit of a preview, here are some of the buses that will be attending:

And quite possibly, another "Blue"...

Of course Big Blue will be there. Loaded with firewood and wine. Looking forward to seeing everyone and meeting a few new buses (and the people that come with them).

Oh, and assuming we aren't arrested, Bus City 2010 will take place on May 14th - 16th, 2010. So put it on the calendar now.


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