Thursday, May 21, 2009

The buses of Bus City 2009

Over the next few weeks, I'll do a few posts about Bus City - stories, video, whatnot, but first I'd like to thank those that came. We had a great time. Familiar faces. New faces. Nice buses, and some surprises.

So here are the buses of Bus City 2009:

T-Rex from East Bay. 1986 GL.

1978 Family hauler with Regis and family.

1971 bus called Ruby Tuesday who carried in the random travelers who joined us.

John's 1971 Dormobile.

Static's 1971 tintop.

Jeff and Pam's 1971 bus named Oscar drew a good deal of attention.

Carl's 1985 Adventurewagon, Bedelia van Hedwig.

Denny's really nice 1966 double cab, Duce.

You've seen Mike & Shari's 1960 E-ZCamper "Melville" from previous campouts. Awesome bus.

Westy Woman's 1981 Westy, Brunhilde.Peter's 1971 mini-mansion.

And, of course, El Gordo Azul.



how fun! Jeff just told me about your page. we had a great time with y'all and look forward to Bus City 2010! : )

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