Thursday, May 7, 2009

Big Blue Loves the Ladies

written by guest contributor, EP, otherwise known as Big Blue's honorary driver

When Big Blue's Driver is away, the ladies will play.

Brett was away in Chicago this weekend for family and some kind of bear concert. The weekend happened to coincide with our annual Boonville Brewfest debauchery weekend we attend every year and when dates couldn't be shifted, I somehow convinced Brett (and I'm still wondering how I did that exactly because I'd like to save that strategy for future needs) to allow me full access to Big Blue for a girls festive weekend, i.e. chick trip. I mean, after all, he is half mine (Big Blue, not BV), right? But then again, there was some sort of buy out deal a few months back...anyway, I digress. I had two conditions for full access: 1) I had to pass the school of Big Blue's Driving and 2) I had to document the trip for the blog. Done and Done.

Our original plan was to take on the Boonville Brewfest and we dubbed the weekend Bettys and Buses. There were originally tshirts even being designed, this was so epic. See, T lived out of an old boyfriend's bus one summer when she was a river guide in Colorado and she's still looking for her long lost love (the bus, not the boyfriend). I was drunk with the power to have the bus all to myself (and BV's total trust, perhaps more in AAA than me?) and couldn't wait for a girls camp out weekend. Alas, the weather didn't cooperate and the tshirts were too much pressure, so Saturday morning we ditched the brewfest (which would have been camping in a mudpit and I do hate soggy shoes) to head south where the rain was supposed to break for some Santa Cruz coastal camping.

I got the bus loaded up, started up, warmed up and all the way down to Sausalito, in the rain, by myself. Another change in plans as T was originally coming north to meet me, therefore I wasn't planning on driving that pig alone. I was quite nervous - it's a big bus, and well, I'm not really that big. And as some who know me, power steering and anti-lock brakes tend to come in handy quite a bit with my style of driving. But I ignored the rear view mirror, constantly reviewed all of Big Blue's Driver's advice in my head (watch 2nd gear when you're first getting going as it likes to stall...) and kept him at 50 in the far right lane. As I pulled into Sausalito to pick up T, I was ready for a drink. Both for the stress and to celebrate a safe bus!

Big Blue's new favorite driving shoes

Betty 2 and Betty 1

Betty 3

After that, it was easy going! Big Blue ran like a champ, taking some hills at 50 and we even got him up to 62 once!! He never stalled, I mastered reverse (just a note to those who watched my driving school debut in reverse at a recent camp out. I think that day still haunts Brett...) and to be quite frank, I think Big Blue needs a bumper sticker that reads: EP is a friend of mine. Great times on a road trip south, hitting all the BVEP mainstays.


I spy a bus.

First stop: Pie Ranch for some killer pie!

Can't keep a girl from her pie, don't even try...

Wise words.

Big Blue patiently waiting our return.

Next stop: Swanton U-Pick Berry Farm!

Big Blue patiently waiting our return, again.

T picking some strawberries. We picked them for some angel food cake for later that night. I found the angel food cake on the passenger seat of my Camry the next day.

Next stop: Wine tasting in Santa Cruz wine ghetto! Be sure to check out Sones Cellars.

And our final destination: New Brighton State Beach.

We had to scope out the campground because the first site we took, although PRIME tent camping (#69 for those who go), it was way too slanted to park BB any kind of straight. We finally settled on #61 which wasn't bad at all with the awning. You could almost not see your neighbors. Key.

Said awning set-up. Notice my gangsta sign: V.W. All the cool kids are doing it.

Emergency drawing sent by Big Blue's Driver. Sigh. The only call we had to make.


T dishing up some fantastic guacamole from Trader Joe's ingenious Guac Kit.


To be only followed by some beach time! You can walk to the beach directly from the campground.

T & Big Blue self portrait.

Back home in Sausalito.

We're buds, Big Blue and I. Brett better get ready: I'm buying back into my share. And don't worry babe, when you wake up in the morning and hear the beautiful putt-putt of an air cooled engine rolling past your window in the morning hours, not to worry, it's just Betty 1 and Betty 2 sneaking out the bus for the weekend. We'll be back soon.

Betty 1 and Betty 2 heart Big Blue. Thanks BV!


PJ Alau

Sweet! Tell T that for a mere 8K, she can have this bus:

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