Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Book review: The Story of the California Look VW

If you have ever wondered about the origins of turning VWs into street racing machines, The Story of the California Look, by Keith Seume, is the book you need to read. The softcover book focuses on the stories of the drivers and members of the early clubs. Great old photos and great tales of VW legend.

I thought it was interesting that the beginnings were more humble than the later race cars would lead you to believe. Most of the members of the early clubs were in it for the hobby and the friendship - not winning races and having the coolest car - something still alive today.

And, of course, the pictures are awesome. Keith collected them from many of the drivers themselves, and the personal stories come through. Here are some cool pictures, but the book is full of them.



Ah, the days when "EMPI" meant "quality".

I think DKP might still be a viable club.


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