Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bugorama 64 is September 6th, 2009

Really? Do you have to show a drag car?

Honestly - while I love seeing all the VWs and get all tingly when I am in the parts area of Bugorama - there are some parts of this twice-a-year Sacramento, CA show that aren't part of my scene.

The racing, while interesting, is fun for about 20 minutes. And while I respect the racers and their machines, I still think it would be fantastic to watch 2 stock 1954 bugs race each other down the strip instead.

And my ultimate problem is that it falls on the Sunday of Labor Day. Why on earth it's that day is beyond me. Labor Day weekend allows us that one extra day to enjoy places like Petrolia or Big Sur - not a drag strip outside Sacramento.

Paul tells me I am missing the best part, which is to go up on Saturday and camp out. I guess that would be fun. But I'm not sure I'll ever be in a position to not use Labor Day weekend for a extended camping trip. It marks the beginning of the camping season, after all.

Here is the website for those of you interested: Click here.


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