Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toys from Oregon

On a recent trip to Oregon, EP raided a local antique shop and found these:



"Pizza Van" is scarce. I remember when and where I bought mine, new in the blisterpack, when they were current, but I rarely see them anywhere these days. Also, the Husky lift truck in such good condition is relatively scarce too. Don't let you kid play with that one!


i have that "double Cab" from siku, the first 3 was a toy i have had since i was a kid.

Big Blue's Driver

Joe - I have been considering the future "Dad's Toys" vs "Your toys" conversation I will have with the child. Especially since the little one will have tons of VW toys. I'm not sure how to keep them separate (kid not allowed in workshop?)

CW - I found that double cab again at a recent antique show. Really cool but beat up so bad the paint was chipped off. I didn't buy that one - they wanted something like $12 for it!


mine is about in the same condition as the one in your pictures. the 2 red antennas i broke off...i also lost the green plastic cover that goes over the bed.

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