Monday, October 10, 2011

A few awesome images from the Christophorus Magazine scans...

Continuing the posts from last week from the Christophorus Magazine posts. Some awesome pictures...


Steve aka Gus's Owner

The picture with the flying child kind of concerns me.


I can't wait to show these to my Dad and my father in-law. They've both owned their 356's since new! They're going to love these!

Thanks for posting.

PS- I've got to add the Porsche insignia to my knitting repertoire.


Ludwig's Drivers

@Steve--My thought too: that kid attained a truly spectacular altitude.


Big Blue's Driver

Brook - if you are able to pull that off, we need pictures.

Steve and whc03grady - I can tell you that if I threw Oak up that high, EP would be far from encouraging me.

Brian - email sent. Please let this not be another cease and desist letter.

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