Friday, October 7, 2011

Week in Review: The rise of fall

Not much is going on here in wine country. Big Blue is still not going very far very fast as the steering is still crap. I haven't had time to make the calls to see about getting him fixed. The people in the office next door complained about the "van that never moves." Our office manager told them to mind their own business. Awesome. We high-fived after she told me that.

With the coming rains (and it poured this week), we usually spend this time of year cleaning up outside to get ready for winter. So I took my annual dump trip last week. Among the items I took to the dump were 2 very beat up original 1956 bug bumpers and the very rusty exhaust off a 36 HP motor. I took the old gas tank in as well and threw it in recycling to avoid paying, but I'm thinking that they can't recycle rust. Anyone know?

It broke my heart a little to actually throw something VW related away. That exhaust was stamped with the original VW logo on the side. The repos don't seem to have that. But what do you do? One can't keep 3 old VWs around and also keep a bunch of parts outside in the winter rain. We are VW collectors, after all, not junk collectors. There is a very - oh-so-thin - line of distinction. Here are the pieces as the spent their last moments as "old VW parts."

Little Blue is still occasionally grinding gears but the good news is it seems like the clutch cable just needs adjusted. And I've learned to avoid first gear. It'll go into the shop that did the engine work over the weekend for a quick clutch cable adjustment. I could try it myself, but for over $2300, I think they should do the work that I adjust back to, rather than have me adjust their work. That's my justification at least.

Grinding gears or not, it's good to be behind the wheel of a vintage VW again after that rental car. Yesterday, as I was warming up the bug for the drive back from Napa, an older dude pulled up next to me, rolled down his window and said, "Now that's an awesome car!". I said thanks. And thought, suck it, Toyota Yaris. No one ever says that to a Yaris driver. And the even if they did, the Yaris driver would never think to himself, as he reclined in seats that have no headrest, damn straight it is.

Here's Little Blue at Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa earlier this week...

We put an offer in on a house in Napa last week. Living there would eliminate Little Blue's long commute. It's a short sale (with only, gasp!, a 2-car garage), so we'll see what the bank says.

So that means we can't spend (or make) any extra or oddly-funded money without having to create a careful paper trail with the bank. They will monitor every transaction for the 2 months prior to the loan being approved. (by the way, did you know the police can access any money transaction at any time regardless of amount or reason! The mortgage dude told us that this week. Thanks Patriot Act!)

So I am on hold for spending money on both the '56 and Big Blue. For now, I will waste my evenings until we hear from the bank planning VW repairs in my head. And reading this to keep me inspired:

This post sponsored by the New North Dade Imported Motors. Because if there ever was a place tolerant enough to sponsor this blog, it's Dade County.


Ludwig's Drivers

Please tell me that exhaust wasn't just rusty, but had holes rusted through it.


Ludwig's Drivers

This is what I think of lately when I think of high fives:

As Esmé has been known to say, "Keep it cold. Old school."


Big Blue's Driver

Mitch - The ends of the barrel were pretty shot. And the thing was pcked full of a mixture of dirt and rocks.

Melissa - I'm going to start saying "slap it five".

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