Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vintage Vacation: 1958 German vacation in a VW bug...

I picked up this old photo album in which a German fella - name unknown - heads out to parts unknown with unknown friends and family in an unknown language (to me) in 1958 (known!). What else is known is that he traveled in a VW bug. Which we know breaks down any language or name barriers.

So I present to you pages from the photo album. I didn't limit it to photos that just involved the VW, as the photos are awesome and the "story" is better understood with the additional pages included. Enjoy!

Notice the bus in the background of this last one...



Germany is a beautiful country. I went to Munich and saw the BMW factory and museum. Next time I will go to Wolfsburg for the VW factory and museum. I could live in Germany just for the streudel.


Sehr schön!!! :-))

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