Monday, November 14, 2011

VW bus as lawn art and threat to suburbs...

Remember this story from a year ago? The man cracking down on the average citizen? Well, I was curious what happened to these Volks and the fate of this VW bus -- I mean -- "dangerous" eyesore.

Well, turns out the bus had the last laugh. We were able to track down Janice, who caught us up with the story:

Hi Brett. We gave the bus to Lloyd from the Grateful Dead Tribute band On the Bus last fall. Since then, I believe the bus has been repainted and is living outside a band practice space in Rockville, Maryland. Lloyd should be able to update you.

Best, Janice 

We shot an email off to Lloyd, and he responded with the rest of the story...

Hey Brett,
The "Peace Bus" is a showcase ornament at an indoor art and music venue in Rockville Maryland, called Band Kamp. While the cost of a restoration - as with many old busses - would have far exceeded economic balance, we wanted to find a solution that preserves her legacy, and allows her to live on as a cozy pillow filled hang-out. Now with the rust cleaned up, floor boards fixed, decent tires, and an interior make-over, she's loving the climate controlled environment, and is the first choice in seating for all who visit this vibrant venue celebrating art and music... a comfy and fitting home, which allows her to continue on as the living art that inspired the Peace Bus Rally, which attracted so much support, including a current member of the Grateful Dead, who joined our band "On the Bus." 

Be Grateful, Be On the Bus!

ps... At the site, there's a great shot of the Peace Bus continuing her tradition of living art... Thanks to Janice for being a part of the chain of love that helped keep this T2 in continuous use.

Below is the shot of Peace Bus. Who now resides in the warm confines of a positive environment. Note: right now, members of the DC Department of Public Works are outside, in the cold, tracking down their next paperwork project.

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