Thursday, February 9, 2012

Expedition Notes: The Farwood - Orland, CA

The Farwood Bar & Grill

I have never considered this much of a food review blog - but something struck me a few weeks back. We see so much of the West Coast and are always trying to find places that are worth stopping at, that I could easily point some of this stuff out for your consideration.

Take the Farwood Bar & Grill, for example. We were cruising down Highway 5 coming home from Shasta last fall when and we were trying to find a good place to sit and eat. Somehow, we turned off at Orland and we were glad we did.

We walked into the Farwood, which is not too far off the highway, and were shocked at the great food and good atmosphere. I remember thinking at the time that more people should go a little further to support this place rather than the places near the highway. So, here I am, doing my part. Should you find yourself in Orland, CA, heading north or south on Highway 5, pull off and have a bite at the Farwood. You'll dig it...

Orland, CA



I like this! Why not share a review of a cool place along the road. Keep spreading the good word man! The more ammunition for blogging,the better.


and people are friendly in those parts, too

I had parked BigBlu on the streets of Red Bluff (1971) for a meal myself when a police officer came into the restaurant and asked if I owned the VW outside (did my beard and long hair give me away?).

Seems I had parked the bus on a sidelsoping street, gas filler cap on the down side with a very full tank. Expansion was causing gas to run out of the bus.
Quick change of parking spot and I enjoyed my meal without blowing up the neighborhood!

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