Friday, February 17, 2012

I wear my grandfather's gun...

My grandfather was an engineer at General Motors his whole life. He made his home in Flint, Michigan, back when Detroit was the center of America. By the time I knew him, he was retired in Naples, Florida wearing hushpuppies, smoking cigarettes and eating fried egg sandwiches. He was a cool dude and I've always felt a connection to him because he loved the water and was an avid boater.

My parents recently sent me these photos. This is my grandfather, Sumner, standing in front of his 1936 Buick. It's hard to imagine him young, but these photos make it easier. He seems confident. And why not? A car you love. Fresh haircut and the pipe. The adventure of life still before you. The smile caught on film of a moment when you have it all in front of you.

Perhaps this spirit is passed on.



Very nice set of wheels.
And where is that car today?

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