Friday, July 13, 2012

(some of) the VWs of High Sierra Music Festival

Big Blue and family went to High Sierra Music Festival last weekend and had a great time. There are always a ton of VW buses there. Honestly, there have to be over 100 buses. Here are just a few of the many. I took most of these photos inthe first 30 minutes of setting up camp.


Ludwig's Drivers

What is that on top of Oregon YDX-148?



They really pack em in at this festival. :) Great pics. Love it!


#12 has Colorado plates. REPRESENT!

Big Blue's Driver

wch03grady - Oregon YDX-148 has a surrey on top.

A lot of folks bring them to the festival to get around. Many are decorated in lights.

This one appears to be homemade and it has the wheels off for transport.

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