Wednesday, July 25, 2012




9 Splitties in a row! The only thing that indicates this is a modern picture is the satellite dish in the background. If that wasn't there you could easily assume that this was a vintage pic taken in the 70's (because of the baywindow in the mix) Also... did you make the buses black and white and keep the rest of the picture color?

Ludwig's Drivers

Thinking about a midnight heist job?


Big Blue's Driver

@Jeremy - I didn't manipulate the photo at all.

Monty - the previous owner sent this picture. It was somewhere in California, I believe, though I forget where right now. He was encouraging me to go get another VW. Thus, "tempting".


There busses are located on Highway 152, east of Casa de Fruta (Gilroy area)

easy to see from the road

just lined up there. doesn't look like a business.

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