Friday, September 7, 2012


Most of you who follow this blog know who Monty is. His ass polished Big Blue's driver's seat for almost 40 years. But did you know we never met him? We bought Big Blue over the phone from him and mailed the forms to complete the transaction. If fact, we barely talked to him once on speaker phone as his friend Jack was showing us the bus. So we never knew what he looked like. But Monty stays in touch, commenting on posts here and there and checking in and sending us photos of VW buses he sees. 

And, finally, we have a face to put the worn out paint from the key chain to. Dear readers of Big Blue's Online Carburetor, the man in the picture below is none other than Big Blue's original space captain!

The VW in the picture isn't his. He sent this for us to share. But we are holding out hope that someday we may get an photos sent to us of him back at the wheel of a VW bus setting out to leave oil stains around California once again!



Hey, that's one good looking bus driver!

This hopped and lowered bus was found in Douglas AZ on the return leg of a trip to a village near Hermosillo MX.

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