Friday, September 20, 2013

A bus couple...

Every once in a while, I get contacted through this site because people find it while searching for VW stuff on google. People are looking for a bus to rent for a function or wedding, etc.

It happened a month ago when Jessica emailed asking to take engagement photos with Big Blue. Having never seen Big Blue before, Jessica had no idea he's a bit of a Monet - the closer you get the more you notice the imperfections. So I sent her to our good pal PJAlau who has the Elementhis Blog, and drives a great 1970 bus that has been shown on this blog several times.

So things worked out. He was able to offer up his bus and photos were taken. And they are great photos. See below! (More photos are at this website:

Note: I have no rights to these photos so props to the couple in the photos and Anita Martin Photography for doing such a great job. 

And here's to the happy couple with many miles (hopefully some in a VW) ahead:


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