Wednesday, December 18, 2013

VW Bus as... educational tool!

Every once in a while, people take advantage of it being relatively easy to contact me through this site. And, even though I have barely posted this past year, the site still gets a few hundred views a day thanks to having over 1200 posts on here (the most popular post being this one). 

And, sometimes those messages look like spam. Which is what I thought when Buck O'Connor emailed me with the subject line: 

Buck O'Connor calling-owner of 3 Westy's-needing a HHUUGGEE favor

I mean, how did this even get by the spam detectors?

So, I read it. And watched his kickstarted video (well, not all 54 minutes of it! but it gets good at about 7:30). And I kinda like it. So, his note to me is below. But first, check out the Kickstarter campaign: 

Buck's note to me:

Hello Bigbluevw,

I love the camping trips you are putting together.  I wish I could come to one in the near future.  I need a big favor from you, and I was hoping you could post what I am doing to all of your members and Facebook friends.  Meet Tank and Sunny:

I feel your bus friends and Facebook members will definitely get a kick out of what I am trying to do.  Would you support me by letting your members know about me and my children's educational television show for P.B.S.?  Why, you ask?  Because my show has a main character that is a 1978 VW Camper Bus named Tank!  He is anthropomorphic, that is, he has Herbie qualities.  He can drive by himself, open his doors by himself, he can talk, and I created him to communicate and connect with kids and parents in a fun way. Tank can sometimes be thick skulled or a knucklehead, and he constantly needs to be reminded not to park with his tires on the grass and to keep his garage picked up.  I have to use those words and tones that parents use to keep their kid in line.
Also, Tank has a girlfriend!  Her name is Sunny, and she is a 1979 VW Camper bus, and she is super pretty!  Tank is a lucky guy!  Just a quick mention of me and what I am doing to your newsletter, blog or Facebook page would be absolutely fantastic.  I have a kickstarter campaign where you can donate if you would like (even $5 would be AWESOME) but what would help more is that some of your members who are into buses even more than me, can share what they found about me trying to make 2 VW buses the next Herbie!

Here is a link to my kickstarter campaign where you can see the video of me, my show, Tank and Sunny, and Tank and Sunny going on a date to get their oil changed and for a Tank Treat.  When you see this, it is going to make you laugh!  You can see Tank and Sunny going on a date to get their oil changed and for a Tank Treat at minute marker 7:30.
Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
Buck O'Connor

So, should you have a little extra chip this time of year, throw it Buck's way and let's see if we can get this thing off the ground.


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