Friday, September 28, 2007

The Best Laid Plans

Yesterday, I had intended to pull off quite a complicated plan to get Big Blue up to Paul at Valley Wagon Works in San Rafael from where it sits in Redwood City (about a 45-mile journey). I was to bring EP to work, go get the 4 fresh tires and then go to work until noon (that part went according to plan). Then, I was to go get EP at about 11:45, go to see Gary at the Budget Truck in San Rafael, pick up a truck and head to Redwood City and pick up a trailer there. It began to look like I would be at work late (I was, until 1:00am), so I decided to get the truck at about 11:00am, then go get EP and give her the MINI. When I got the Budget Truck, everything was fine until we realized that you are not supposed to pull a rear-wheel drive car on a car dolly (see pic below). So we called all over looking for a full-size trailer. There were none to be had in the entire area. So I scraped the plan and had a gyro instead.

Not sure what the plan will be but I am heading down to Redwood City early Saturday morning to put on the tires, take the last remaining tire off and change the oil. If it seems safe enough to drive, I'll be north-bound in Big Blue. If not, flatbed towing here we come!


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