Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Monty's bill of sale from Wes Behel Volkswagen!

More Big Blue History!

Monty sent over the receipt from when he purchased the car in 1970. And it looks like he paid dearly! I'm not refering to the price, but the fact that he traded in a '66 Mustang! Although I could see how the VW could win out over a mustang...

So on June 26th, 1970, Big Blue (although the plates weren't on it then) went from Wes Behel VW to Monty Finefrock. That van would be Monty's for the next 36 years! Good stuff.

Thanks for sending it, Monty!

So now I am in the market for one of these two items:



The '66 Mustang had been a dream of mine. I purchased it at the start of my senior year in high school. Cool car then later to become a classic.
A change in lifestyle moved me to a VW camper when I found BigBlu at a dealership.
It produced a lifestyle full of memories for myself, family and friends!


I purchased a beetle from Wes Behel in the summer of 1970 for $1800 brand new fully equiped. I was then stationed at Ft Ord and remember how excited I was to purchase my first new car. It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful dealership.

Big Blue's Driver

Unknown - Way cool! Wonder what ever happened to that bug!


I have a Wes Behel frame if your still looking.. email me at

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