Thursday, October 4, 2007

More history from the depths of Big Blue

A steno pad filled with notes, gas milage, and what-not from Monty.

The original brochure that came with the Riviera Top.

Another notebook full of Monty's notes on gas milage, replaced parts, etc...

And a game, Juego de Loteria, that seems really cool but that we have no idea how to play...


South Side Posse

You don't know how to play Juego de Loteria?? I will school your ass at Juego de Loteria!


When BigBlu was south of the border, Ensenada was a favorite stop - sleep curbside in comfort and safety, close to Hussong's, get up the next day and do it again!
that's where we first play Mexican bingo, at a carnival. Pieces of dried corn served as the markers. The game you have is Bingo. Use it to learn or practice your Spanish.

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