Friday, February 1, 2008

Camping in Sandy Beach County Park

On Saturday, I got Big Blue back from Paul and we packed up and headed to Rio Vista, a small town on the Sacramento River, Northeast of the Bay Area. We had been invited via email by a VW guy named Joe. We went not knowing what to expect.

After battling rain and high winds that pushed Blue all over the road, we arrived to Sandy Beach County Park to find both some awesome VWs and some great VW owners. There was another ’68 there, a ’70, a few vanagons, including a Syncro and a diesel. We met Brian the Lion, Chris and his family (who came with an old Shasta trailer), Joe, who seemed to be the ringleader, a couple bohem-hippies with the diesel vanagon (and good bean soup). A few others came in through out the night – 1 on a BMW motorcycle, another in a kick-ass custom Chevy van, another in a giant RV.

Even though it rained hard through the night, we all ate well (Chili and a fried turkey!) and sat around the fire trying to stay warm. It was good times and good to met some people in the VW world. We look forward to camping with the same group in April.

The rainy view from the driver's seat.

Rio Vista with the Sacramento River stirring up in the wind and rain.

EP tries to stay warm as the buses arrive.

We also were able to stop by 2000 Laguna St, Concord, CA, where, in either '68 or '69. California Road Runner Campers was located and where Big Blue went from panel van to camper. It is now a motorcyle shop.

Big Blue parked outside of where California Road Runner campers was in the latye 60s.



Man I wished I would've known! Count us in on the next one. I just finished my interior restoration and I'm eager to try it out. Next time you come through Concord be sure to call me up!

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