Friday, February 8, 2008

More pictures from camping last weekend in Rio Vista...

These pictures are from Peter from last weekend. Peter brought the nice, pretty red bus (probably the nicest bus other than Rell that I have been in). You can see more of his VW pics on Flickr, here.

Big Blue the morning after...

Static and his dog Maggie- the man in charge?

Brian the Lion, with Quila - a mexican pub he has just adopted.

Note that we have to figure out something to do with the spare. We have to move it out to sleep right now...
Chris and his wife. They and their 2 children brought a Shasta camper.
Brian the Lion's customized ultimate camping machine.

Peter's really nice westy - a 70? - with the original tent on the side. No rust, lucky bastard...


FP Brewer

Can you make your lid raise up like Brians's?

Big Blue's Driver

Ours goes up on both ends. You can see a picture of it HERE.

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