Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More stuff from Monty...

We found some more Monty-items in the fridge. There was an envelope full of passes and tickets from all the RC air shows that he went to. We have yet to hear those stories, but I'm sure they had a good time.



This is a great idea. Our bus Buddy came with a shoebox full of receipts when we bought him. I'll have to copy your idea some day and scan them in.

Funny bus story about receipts, we knew our bus came from out west (Grande Prairie, AB), but didn't pay much attention to tracking its history. On a trip to Victoria, BC we stopped in Calgary, AB at Tony's Auto Service. Paul, the mechanic there said "I think I've worked on this bus before" - "maybe, but we're from Ontario, so it's not likely". Sure enough, according to a receipt we later dug out of the box, he had worked on it 5 years previous. Now that's a good mechanic!

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