Wednesday, December 10, 2008

1972 Introductory Issue of Small World

Small World was a VW community magazine put out by Volkswagon of America (I think it started in 1960? I have to check). I've posted a few here before. What I found interesting is that, at least in 1972, you received a free 2-year (quarterly) subscription to Small World when you purchased your new VW. And, apparently, they sent you an introductory issue to start your subscription.

I scanned in this "introductory issue" for your review. I'll chuck full of all sorts of stuff and it's pretty cool that they did this for owners back in the day. You can click on each image to make it bigger (and, therefore, readable), and also check out the newspaper clip that was tucked in the magazine. I'm assuming that it was the last paragraph of the clip that interested the VW driver?

The entire magazine is scanned below.


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